PWA is a project space inside the 50th Street Downtown 1 train station that spotlights leading digital artists who are shaping contemporary culture.


AUG '23 | "BODIES BODIES BODIES BODIES BODIES" featuring Amanda Win, Maria Joranko, Sylvia Ke, and Uli Ap. Curated by Marissa Derrick.

JUNE '23 | "Halcyon.exe: The Ride" by Mark Fingerhut

MAY '23 |  "The Death of the Subject" featuring E5piral, Joslyn Crocco, Jake Brush, Johnny Scuotto, and Samantha Sutcliffe. Curated by Samantha Sutcliffe of UNCENSORED NEW YORK.

APRIL '23 |  "A New Nature" by Mark Dorf.

MARCH '23 | "MANIC AMERICAN HUMANIST SHOW" featuring Flip Kostic, Holly Oliver, Tomi Faison, Emma Murray. Curated by Abbey Pusz of DO NOT RESEARCH.

JAN '23 | "Algo(+)" by Jawn Diego Reyes. Curated by FELT Zine.

JAN '23 | "Hustle For That Muscle" by Amanda Mehl.

OCT '22 | "Out of Office" by Jason Isolini.

OCT '22 | "Art & Code 8" featuring Stephen Kwok, Lai Yi Ohlsen, Woody Sullender, Cassie Tarakajian, Roopa Vasudevan, Carrie Sijia Want, Rosalie, Yu. Curated by NEW INC.

SEPT '22 | "Trade Winds, White Heat" by Kiernan Francis.

JULY '22 | "The Lowline" featuring Felipe Sepulveda, Ikaro Cavalcante, Irina Angles, Katherine Frazer, Mark Dorf, Petra Cortright, Signe Pierce, Sophie Parker. Curated by Alison Sirico.

JUNE '22 | "OFF: ENDGAME" by Sarah Friend. Curated by RefractionDAO, FingerprintsDAO, and Rhizome.

MAY '22 | "In Transit" featuring Astrosuka, Hypereikon, Peter Burr, Sofja, Yoshi Sodeka. Curated by Alison Sirico.