PWA is a project space inside the 50th Street Downtown 1 train station that spotlights leading digital artists who are shaping contemporary culture.


NOV '23| "Homecoming" featuring Amanda Mehl, Arvida Bystrom, Ben Mendelewicz, Brian Oakes, Brent Cox, Club Cringe, Chris Dorland, Chris Shen, Claudia Hart, Courtlin Byrd, Dana Greenleaf, Danielle d'Amico, Elly Kalantari, Emmett Palaima, Eva Davidova, FELT Zine, Gregory Kalliche, Ida Pruitt, Jakob Sitter, James Clar, Jane Balfus, Jason Charney, Jason Isolini, John Provencher, Katherine Frazer, Kayla Drzewicki, Kiernan Knives Francis, Kip Davis, Kitasavi, LaJuné McMillian, LoVid, Marisa Olson, Mark Dorf, Matthew Gantt, Maya Man, Melissa Clarke, Molly Soda, Nick Vyssotsky & Network Glass, Pablo Gnecco, Pam Anderson, Peter Burr, Phillip Birch, RaFia Santana, Roopa Vasudevan, Sam Jackson, Sarah Friend, Sean Kennedy, Sky Goodman, Team Rolfes, Tomi Faison, Wiena Lin, Will Rahilly, Yeseul Song, Yoshi Sodeoka, Xiaoyu Rockey Ke, Zarina Nares, and more… Empty Charter School. Brooklyn, NYC

SEPT '23| "Natural Static" by Jonathan Chomko. Curated by Brian Droitcour.

AUG '23 | "BODIES BODIES BODIES BODIES BODIES" featuring Amanda Win, Maria Joranko, Sylvia Ke, and Uli Ap. Curated by Marissa Derrick.

JUNE '23 | "Halcyon.exe: The Ride" by Mark Fingerhut

MAY '23 |  "The Death of the Subject" featuring E5piral, Joslyn Crocco, Jake Brush, Johnny Scuotto, and Samantha Sutcliffe. Curated by Samantha Sutcliffe of UNCENSORED NEW YORK.

APRIL '23 |  "A New Nature" by Mark Dorf.

MARCH '23 | "MANIC AMERICAN HUMANIST SHOW" featuring Flip Kostic, Holly Oliver, Tomi Faison, Emma Murray. Curated by Abbey Pusz of DO NOT RESEARCH.

JAN '23 | "Algo(+)" by Jawn Diego Reyes. Curated by FELT Zine.

JAN '23 | "Hustle For That Muscle" by Amanda Mehl.

OCT '22 | "Out of Office" by Jason Isolini.

OCT '22 | "Art & Code 8" featuring Stephen Kwok, Lai Yi Ohlsen, Woody Sullender, Cassie Tarakajian, Roopa Vasudevan, Carrie Sijia Want, Rosalie, Yu. Curated by NEW INC.

SEPT '22 | "Trade Winds, White Heat" by Kiernan Francis.

JULY '22 | "The Lowline" featuring Felipe Sepulveda, Ikaro Cavalcante, Irina Angles, Katherine Frazer, Mark Dorf, Petra Cortright, Signe Pierce, Sophie Parker. Curated by Alison Sirico.

JUNE '22 | "OFF: ENDGAME" by Sarah Friend. Curated by RefractionDAO, FingerprintsDAO, and Rhizome.

MAY '22 | "In Transit" featuring Astrosuka, Hypereikon, Peter Burr, Sofja, Yoshi Sodeka. Curated by Alison Sirico.